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How to propose someone- What to say, how to plan?


The most important and wracking thing you will ever ask is undoubtedly to ask someone to marry you. It’s not simple, though, and the pressure of How to propose to your partner or write the ideal proposal has never been greater. It seems like the days of going down on a knee and giving a simple gift are long gone. With the average gesture now costing many dollars and including fireworks, performances, magic shows, and even the beloved family pet, the trend for imaginative, costly, and unique proposals is on the rise. And that doesn’t even include the ring and flowers!

After deciding that you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with someone, the following step is to consider the various ways to propose and make your choice. There are countless options for proposals, but whatever you choose should showcase you and your future spouse. Need some assistance? Whether you want something extravagant or sweet and modest, these romantic proposal ideas are a terrific source of certainty and inspiration for your engagement moment. We’re sure you can handle this.

Considering it? See what’s hot in the world of wedding proposals by looking at our best proposal advice.

How to propose to your partner

1. Think carefully.

Make sure that the tale of how you proposed is one worth telling because it will be repeated a lot. This doesn’t imply that it must be extraordinarily risky or expensive, but it should feel like you put a lot of thought into it. If you get it right, you’ll have a favourite memory to share with your grandchildren; if you get it wrong, your partner might kick you while you’re on your knees and down.

2. Prioritize family

Asking for their approval first will show your partner’s parents that you respect their feelings and that you are ready to make the first move toward inviting them to become a part of your new family. Even though they’re unconventional, they get your engagement off to a fantastic start. The same principle holds while you are celebrating your engagement: telling family first, before updating friends and posting on social media, is a good approach to creating a firm foundation between your separate clans. You’ve decided to start a family, so why not do it now?

3. Timing is crucial.

Timing is crucial when it comes to getting down on one knee and asking the question. Summer seems to be the most common season for proposals, followed by Valentine’s Day and the start of the new year. The romantic appeal of getting down on one knee in a far-off, exotic location is amazing.

4. Be aware of their loves and dislikes.

Find a compromise at the very least so that your partner doesn’t wish the ground would swallow them up the whole. We’re not saying it’s their way or the highway. On the other hand, they might enjoy a crowd! In the weeks before your special occasion, try to predict their response by getting their take on public declarations of love. If all else fails, check out some of the amusing ones on YouTube, which may help you figure out what they reacted to.

5. Keep it under wraps.

According to an ancient wives’ tale, speaking too freely might lead to disaster, so try to keep your pre-proposal chatter to a minimum. You’re playing a dangerous game by pretending that it’s your love, and if it is, they might think they’re the last to know, which will demoralize them when the time truly arrives.

6. Don’t assume

Anyone would feel anxious about spending a lot of money on jewellery that they would have to wear forever. Buy a cheap fake engagement ring that costs less than £50 to be on the safe side. After they’ve said yes, you two can go engagement ring shopping. Emeralds, rubies, and pearls are the three gemstones that stand out among the exquisite alternatives to diamonds. If you want to purchase “the one” right away, asking a close friend, or your love’s mother, or sneaking a peek at their wardrobe or jewellery box for hints into the styles that they already love will help.

tips for guys to purpose a girl

Romantic Ways to Propose, Proposal Ideas

  • In your favourite coffee shop.

If you and your significant other have a favourite coffee shop in town, this straightforward proposal suggestion is also important. You might think about including the manager or barista in your plan in advance, depending on how detailed you want the proposal to be. For example, you might ask them if they’d be willing to write anything on a cup or do custom latte art for your proposal.

  • While on a Ski Trip

    A memorable way to propose to someone is on a ski or snowboarding trip. You’ll probably be surrounded by stunning winter landscapes, and being engaged provides you an excuse to cuddle up next to the fire after an action-packed day on the slopes. Look into arranging room service or another surprise (like a couples’ massage or spa day) if you’re staying at a resort to cap off the celebration.

  • At home

    The sweetest proposal ideas can occasionally be the easiest ones. Popping the question at home, whether it’s your newly purchased home or your first apartment together, will be a special occasion for you both. What is the benefit of home engagements? This choice is ideal if you’re searching for a low-key, private time because you have complete control over the circumstances and there won’t be any stray bystanders or other disruptions.

  • In the company of family

    It’s thrilling to tell your friends and family that you’re engaged, but it’s even better if they can see the proposal in person!

  • on a hilltop or mountain

    Nothing compares to feeling like you are on top of the world—when you are. You’ll both get butterflies if you propose on a romantic hilltop or mountain, and not simply because of the scenery.

  • During the Lifetime Trip

    An exciting journey with your significant other is an unforgettable opportunity to pop the question, of whether you’re visiting another nation or doing the cross-country road trip of your dreams. Research at least one location you want to propose in advance, such as this town plaza in Havana, Cuba, but don’t be afraid to follow your instincts if the moment strikes someplace else on your journey. And since you’ll be too busy enjoying your engagement as a couple, you won’t have to worry about the post-vacation blues when you go home.

  • With Your Pets

Why not include your pets in the proposal if you and your partner already share care of your pets? To help you propose, you can covertly attach a new tag with a proposal message to your pet’s collar or make a personalized sign.

How to propose to your partner

  • In a bookshop

    Are you wondering how to propose to your partner, or pop the question to a bookworm? Use their favourite bookshop as the setting for your romantic gesture by taking them there. If you intend to ask a question, let the shop know in advance.

  • With petals of flowers all around

    By using rose petals to create an aisle leading to the precise location where you will ask for their hand in marriage, you can create a romantic proposal. Although a beautiful location is always good, you may also have a warm ambience at home.

  • Within a Forest

    Are you visiting a tropical island? Several breathtaking rainforest locations might make for a romantic setting for your proposal.

  • Champagne and flowers are included.

    Sometimes, the smallest details can have the biggest impact. This charming balcony setting, complete with red roses and a cozy table for two, is incredibly romantic. Extra points if the champagne has been chilled beforehand!

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