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The Big Question: Is here a Magic Pill for Weight Loss ?

Are you looking for magic pills for weight loss after wasting months on fad diets without getting any desired results?  Well, if you are, this blog is certainly going to enlighten you to a big extent in the same regard.

Are there any Magic Pills for Weight Loss?

Frankly speaking, several medicines improve overall health and length of life, but there aren’t any magic pills for weight loss. Instead, your weight is determined by how many calories you consume from food and liquids, how much you burn off, and how many you store. Simply put, you will gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn.

Numerous diets attempt to solve the weight loss puzzle. But regrettably, some of them are harmful, while others aren’t long-term viable. Here, we will look at a few such key questions in detail.

Are Fad Diets any beneficial to your weight loss plans?

You undoubtedly know someone who has lost weight while adhering to a fad diet. However, restricted diets are challenging to maintain over the long term, and maintaining an imbalanced diet can have negative effects on your health.

According to most weight loss experts and fitness enthusiasts, “Most fad diets have certain parts that work and produce results, but not every strategy that helps you lose weight is healthy.” Here are some fad diets to stay away from if you want to lose weight successfully over the long run.

Keto Diet

The Keto diet is undoubtedly one of the most searched diet plans on the internet. For a few, it is also been deemed as the magic pills for weight loss. Experts, on the other hand, claim that the ketogenic or “keto” diet can be harmful. This low-carb, high-protein diet causes your body to burn stored fat for fuel instead of the sugar (glucose) that comes from carbs. This fuel source is known as ketones.

keto for weightloss

According to the same experts, the keto diet “puts your body in a permanent state of fat-burning called ketosis.” However, eating mostly proteins—including a lot of red meat and bacon—means that you’re consuming an excessive amount of saturated fat.

High cholesterol, blocked coronary arteries, renal disease, electrolyte imbalance, benign growths, and potential cancer are dangers associated with a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Heart attack risk is also associated with this.

Detox Juices

Experts have also advised avoiding juice cleanses, even if drinking fruit and vegetable juice may seem like a healthy weight-loss strategy. On a juice cleanse, you probably consume considerably fewer calories per day, but you miss out on fibre because you don’t eat full fruit, including the peel and pulp.

Whole fruit has fibre, an expert says, “which might help you feel filled longer.” Juice, which is just pure sugar, won’t make you feel full; however, the fruit will. Unfortunately, consuming juice is equally as harmful as consuming soda.

So what works?

Fad diets may help you lose weight quickly, but the results aren’t long-lasting, whether you follow the possibly boring cabbage soup diet or one that emphasizes prepackaged, processed meals.

So Instead of searching for magic pills for weight loss, a multifaceted strategy is required for Long-term, sustainable weight loss. This entails engaging in regular exercise and adhering to a balanced diet that is high in whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains but low in calories, animal proteins, and processed foods.

Surgery for weight reduction can help very overweight persons lose weight gradually and keep it off. Additionally, it can lessen or even completely remove the health problems linked to obesity.

Is Bariatric surgery helpful for weight loss?

Whether or not Bariatric surgery is helpful depends on a person’s BMI. Gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery are the two most common surgeries. In gastric bypass surgery, the stomach and small intestine are rearranged to limit how much food patients may consume and digest. In gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach’s size is decreased to a smaller banana form, which restricts food intake and lowers the level of the hormone that makes people hungry.

magic pills for weight loss

Bariatric Surgery for weight loss

Patients who have these operations need less food to feel satisfied. A metabolic impact is also produced by weight reduction surgery, whereby stomach hormones promote weight loss.

Bariatric treatments assist patients in losing weight by enabling them to feel satisfied with a smaller quantity of food when combined with a good diet and lifestyle.

Moreover, you must have a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40 (about 100 pounds over optimal weight) or a BMI of 35 or higher with obesity-related comorbidities like high blood pressure or sleep apnea to be a candidate for weight-loss surgery.

The ideal applicant should also be committed to altering their lifestyle for weight loss, determined to reduce weight, and aware of the advantages and disadvantages of surgery. Patients can maintain their motivation by participating in support groups and consulting with nutritionists.

Summing it up

To conclude the debate, we can certainly say that there is no magic pill for weight loss and the person needs to make an informed decision while keeping a list of aspects into consideration.

Besides, one must always connect with their physician before getting along with any such choices. Keep watching this space for more informative content and information! Stay Fit, Stay healthy!

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