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Can stress cause infertility?

We all are aware that infertility causes stress but in this article, we will give the answer to what can cause infertility.
Studies have shown that about 1 out of 10 women face difficulty in conceiving or finishing pregnancy. And when someone is aware of this major concern then she will be depressed and stressed.

There was a lady Alice, who had been trying to have a baby for the last 3 years and she tried every possible way to be it by consulting the best doctor or IVF center.

She got pregnant 4 times but every time she lost the baby. And she was not even aware of why this was happening. She tried all the possible ways of understanding the reason behind it and one day someone advised her to lower her stress and get rid of depression.

She then joined an 8-week meditation program. After she completed 4 weeks she shared the feedback with a friend that she was feeling better than before and after she completed that meditation program she got pregnant and gave birth to her first child.

So the answer to whether stress can cause infertility is yes. It is not easy to find out the reason why some couples conceive easily and quickly while others face so much difficulty with that.

However researchers have shown that stress can be one of the factors that can affect the fertility ratio.

Can stress cause infertility?

Scientific connection between stress and infertility:

Studies have found that women with high stress levels have high chances of infertility compared to others who have a stress levels. Women who have a high level of alpha-amylase in their saliva take longer to get pregnant as compared to others who have a low level.

can stress cause infertility

Our body is really smart enough to understand that the period of stress is not the right time to have a baby. And also stressed women tend to have less sex as compared to others. So the possibilities become less of getting pregnant if she does not have intercourse.

And studies have also found that if stressed women smoke or drink too much alcohol and caffeine then chances of infertility rise.

A small study published in 1990 that lowered stress levels with the help of therapies and meditation or any other possible program can help infertile women to get pregnant. The stress relief program we talked about can be individual or group therapy, Yoga, Zumba, meditation, etc.

In today’s world, the medical community is also accepting the fact that the mind has control over ovaries. If you are stressed or depressed then infertility chances are high.

Researchers have reported that women with infertility issues and women who took therapy programs ended up pregnant compared to those who didn’t choose the therapy program.

So now we are aware that stress hormones such as cortisol disrupt the connection brain and ovaries, which creates problems during ovulation.

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Steps to follow for Stress management:

Everyone is worried about some things in their life and they are stressed about it. But if your stress is for a certain period then it is ok, then it won’t hurt your baby-making abilities.

If you are stressed for really a long period like you are unemployed or have a death in the family. Then your ovulation process might be in danger. Can stress cause infertility, Stress can even shut down the activity of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis, which controls the reproductive system.

Studies have also shown that women with infertility problems have the same level of anxiety and depression as women diagnosed with cancer.

There are a few steps you can take to manage your stress.

Talk therapy:

When you are stressed most of the thoughts that come to your mind are negative thoughts. To tackle stress you should talk to someone who can listen to your problems and thoughts. So women and their partners need to talk and listen to each other thoughts, and problems they are facing.

You can also join talk therapy programs where you will meet many people who will listen to you and also the therapist who will help you overcome your stress and negative thoughts.


Exercise not only helps you to become physically fit but it also helps to lower stress and increase fertility chances. If you work out moderately for 2 to 5 hr a week like walking then your chances increase of becoming pregnant as compared to the other women.

stress and infertility

Weight Management:

Whenever you are stressed, you stop taking care of your body. That leads to being overweight or obese which makes you become or stay pregnant. Research has shown that women who are obese face three times more difficulty getting pregnant than other women who have trouble conceiving. Try some good aerobics or HIIT exercises for weight loss.

Healthy Diet:

Loading up on processed and sugary foods is very common when you are stressed, which harms your health. Women who follow a healthy lifestyle and consume a diet rich in whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, fish, and soy are more likely to conceive as compared to those who follow an unhealthy lifestyle.


So, can stress cause infertility? While it’s unlikely that stress alone can cause infertility, stress interferes with a woman’s ability to get pregnant. Even though stress may affect ovulation or implantation for women who are currently attempting to get pregnant, we can be reasonably assured that stress has no long-term impact on fertility or egg health.

It’s crucial to note that women who struggle to conceive frequently experience guilt and shame over having “worked too hard” or “stressed too much” in the past. However, even in studies where it is found that stress may have an impact on conception, the effect is only present when stress is experienced during a certain ovulation window.

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