How to Prevent Diabetes: Dealing with the biggest threat to Human health

how to treat diabetes

How to prevent diabetes is a questions that is been asked from numerous medical practitioners around the world. Still, barring a few, not each of them has the most appropriate answer to this question. That said, many experts believe that it is important to talk about various aspects and elements that leads into a situation where a person is more prone to become diabetic. So, technically, it is of big relevance to pay attention to the facts regarding how do you get diabetes before going any further.

How to know if you have diabetes ?

The best way to it is to get a blood sugar test done with the help of a medical practitioner. Moreover, you can check for random symptoms like blurred vision, swelling in legs or limbs, frequent urination and so on.

Moreover, you can check with your physician while asking them about how to test for diabetes at home while using a blood sugar test kit. Still, before getting any further, lets talk about how do you get diabetes in first place.

How do you get diabetes ?

While there is no specific answer to this question, experts believe that a person get diabetic once his or her body cannot make enough insulin or make its use in a proper manner. As per them, there are many reasons that lead to a situation where a person may become diabetic. Here, we talk about one of the most common ones in the list.

how to prevent diabetes

Unhealthy food choices

It all starts from an unhealthy diet and diabetes is no exception. While people nowadays are more addicted to food choices that contain higher calories, they have become more prone to diabetes like condition.

Food that is high in carbohydrate, unhealthy fats and other harmful stuff is certainly the biggest evil in this case. So, if you want the best answer to ‘how to prevent diabetes’ question, you first need to get rid of all these unhealthy food choices in your schedule.


There may be a chance that some of your family members have diabetes in the past. In this case, you cannot blame yourself much as your genes are carrying that thing for long. Still, as you are looking for the right solution for how to prevent diabetes, making some significant changes in your schedule can help you remit that situation.

Even though there isn’t permanent cure of diabetes, you can always keep it in check while following certain measures which we will talk about later.


Obesity is certainly the biggest reason for people diagnosing with diabetes worldwide. According to a report, more than 90 percent of obese people have an outright chance of getting diabetes. So, if you want to put your first step regarding how to control sugar or diabetes, you first need to keep your weight in check.


Increasing age may also come as a reason for someone to be diagnosed with diabetes. As per a recent survey by medical experts from an American health center, younger people have a higher chance of having type 1 diabetes while the older ones are more prone to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

So, before thinking about how to cure diabetes, you should work with a medical expert to bring your health in the right shape.

Other factors

Other factors include hormone disorders, physical inactivity, having other issues like fatty liver and so on. So, in order to know about a solution regarding how to control sugar or diabetes, you first have to check for the root cause of it.

So, How to prevent diabetes? Start with these 6 tips

  • Reduce your intake of sugar and refined carbs. Consuming foods heavy in refined carbohydrates and sugar increases insulin and blood sugar levels, which may eventually cause diabetes. Several morning cereals, white bread, and potatoes are examples of refined carbs. Limit your intake of sugar and go for complex carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables, and oats. You can try our some delicious protein rich breakfast recipes.
  • If you are currently a tobacco user, stop. Insulin resistance brought on by smoking can result in type 2 diabetes. It has been proven that quitting over time lowers this risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Don’t eat too much. Reducing insulin and blood sugar levels as well as the risk of developing diabetes can be prevented by avoiding large portion sizes. Eating too much food at one time has been shown to cause higher blood sugar and insulin levels in people at risk of diabetes.


diabetes prevention


  • Target 30. Try to be intentionally active five days a week for 30 minutes by walking, dancing, lifting weights, or swimming. If you lead an unhealthy life and spend the majority of your day sitting down, you probably get very little to no physical activity. It’s time to get moving.
  • Drink water. By substituting water for other beverages, you may be able to better manage your blood sugar and insulin levels and lower your risk of developing diabetes. You can avoid consuming alcoholic beverages that are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and other unnecessary chemicals by drinking water the majority of the time.
  • Consume fiber. Getting enough fiber is good for your digestive system and for controlling your weight. Each meal should have a good dose of fiber to help minimize blood sugar and insulin levels, which may help reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Also, Read our article on How to live better with Diabetes.

How to treat diabetes?

how to cure type-2 diabetesAs of now, there is no permanent cure for diabetes. Still, while making some key changes in your diet( along with right medication prescribed by your physician) you can get your diabetes into remission. Here, we talk about different solutions in regards to how to cure diabetes according to your situation:


Type 2 diabetes can be avoided by losing weight, eating a healthy diet, and increasing physical activity.

Type 1 diabetes:

For people with type 1 diabetes, daily doses of insulin are required to control blood sugar. These could be administered using an insulin pump, pen, or syringe.

Type 2 diabetes:

Lifestyle modifications, such as a balanced diet or more exercise, may be required. In addition, many people will need oral medications, and later they might also need insulin. Weight-loss surgery might be an option in some circumstances.

Gestational diabetes:

Changing one’s diet and other aspects of one’s lifestyle can help lower blood sugar. In cases where making changes in lifestyle are not working, doctors may also recommend diabetes medications.

Final words

How to prevent diabetes is a critical question for many. Still, while going by the aspects and factors mentioned above, you can put your diabetes situation into some control. Moreover, do consult with your medical expert beforehand before referring to any of the given solutions in the same regard.

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